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Really great product, did not damage my hair at all. * This is a sponsored post. but, when I removed my cling film helmet after 45 minutes, I could see that my formerly black hair had definitely changed colour. However, there are several factors which come into play that can dictate how well your next colour application develops. It is advisable you wait at least two weeks before you undertake them after using Colourless™. I was planning on dying my hair but, having seen the colour it has gone, I am actually so happy and will be leaving it the colour it turned out. DO NOT APPLY POST TREATMENT BUFFER (Part C ) to hair when strand testing as it could affect results of a subsequent whole head application of Colourless. Depending on the how light your hair colour is after using Colourless you may need just a soft copper filler to pre-pigment to stop too much red glaring through the chocolate. After a week (of resting the hair) you can apply an ash based traditional semi or permanent hair colourant to achieve a long term result. Lee calls this a heavy-duty hair color remover; use it for hard-to-remove permanent shades. In hindsight, when washing the lotion off it would be a lot more comfortable to actually sit in the bath, rather than lean over it like I did. It removed the colour but as anticipated it left my orange undertones exposed so I used a silver toner and a semi permenant pink hair dye which has left me with rose gold hair which I love. I would suggest that you take a cutting of the hair and dye that first to test for both the hair strength and colour result rather than risking the entire hair.. As the hair is bright blonde with orange tones you need an ash based toner. Depending on the length of your hair, the process can take a few months to more than a year. Colourless contains no harsh chemicals such as peroxide, bleach and ammonia so it is safe to use during pregnancy. Once you have removed your unwanted dark colour you can immediately ask your salon to re-highlight your hair as they would normally. Firstly Colourless will work on human/real hair extensions if they have not been bleached/highlighted.However the human hair they use has been treated and stripped of it’s cuticle. It only removed artificial colour pigments only. I applied the mixture, which went on really easily. I wanted to get my natural light colour back and now I have it! I am very pleased how the substance had got rid of the dark colours without damaging any of my hair. The bleached hair snapped up the base 5 dye molecules confirms your hair is porous due to the years of bleaching. Overall great product as I had black hair. Stalham Business Park, Rushenden Road, Queenborough, Kent ME11 5HE, Copyright © 2016. A good tip (before you next apply Colourless) is to buy a build up removing shampoo, some bicarbonate of soda and some lemon juice. It may have been better to only use the shampoo needed to lather up the hair according to thickness / length, etc. If irritation or a reaction is apparent do not conduct a Colourless application. Instead opt for a Level 1 temporary 6 wash colourant (which contains no peroxide or ammonia) and use this in your hair for 4 weeks. All of these phrases pertain to use of silicone. When hair has been continually coloured it can be porous and absorb future peroxide based hair colours like a sponge causing a darker (than expected) result. Many permanent colours give hard, dramatic results – if you are not happy with these results you will need to undertake another colour correction (using Colourless™) to rid them. Then if the colour is horrible, you will be glad you strand tested the hair first. These are based on plant keratin which is safer and kinder to the hair. Because your hair was lightened that warm colour you are seeing is actually your natural hair colour pigment. This will help to prevent 'patchy colour', root glow and colour build-up. I just have some degree of removal at the roots. Why have semi-permanent and temporary colours been suggested so much for re-colouring after using Colourless™? Although my natural hair colour is a little lighter, I can just use another bottle until I get the shade I want. Immediately, due to the Buffer step (Part C) the hair is left at a suitable pH level for safe re-colouring. Then remove with the build up shampoo. Hey my name is lauri murphy, i had really copper red hair and used Colourless which has made my hair really lighter, im really happy with the result, i will be blonde in no time :-) i would recommend this product.tincidunt tellus. Will Colourless take me back to my natural grey? You need to be aware (if you are brunette or darker blonde based) and finding your hair colour constantly has a & warm hue to it, that its very possible your natural colour has been removed by peroxide application. This can happen due to several factors, but it can quite often mean a second application of Colourless is necessary. What we like about it: Easy to use at home. This therefore would most likely result in an uneven patchy colour removal result. In theory you can (if you haven’t re-coloured afterwards). You can use Colourless™ but do not apply a permanent colour immediately afterwards. One ‘n Only Colorfix. However, the product does seem to be safe to use, and could make a good “starting step” for getting to a color you can live with while your gray hair grows out. 5 Stars and would recommend it to anybody. At some point a past underlying dye had lightened your original natural dark tone lifting the natural pigments thus lightening the hair. If the hair is coated in heavy conditioners, waxes, shampoo residues and styling aids, Colourless™ simply cannot penetrate the cuticle and get to the artificial colour molecules. The process is super easy and can easily be done at home. You can safely recolour immediately after use. We also recommend that you rest your scalp between chemical processes, after using a colourant and/or Colourless. I want to get more highlights so I can be back to blonde. Tinted hair that is red/orange will need a blue/green base and tinted red hair results need green base shade, and orange needs blue. I was dark red hair for 2-3 years , and after Colourless I have a medium blonde my real color....i just love this product! To avoid this happening in the future, do not use high temperature heats on products which claim to be ‘anti fade’, ‘fade resistant’, ‘water proof’, ‘shine enhanced’ or ‘colour locking’. I was pleasantly surprised at the results from using Colourless. I found myself wondering if it was actually working, if I had applied it properly, etc. *Please note that cuticle staining may/may not always occur it all depends on the condition of your hair.There is no harm in giving Colourless a go, just please do a strand test first. In my experience with home hair colours, it is difficult (and often painful) to try and comb the dye through but, thankfully, the lotion in Colourless Hair Colour Remover is easy to comb through. If you are completely grey and/or white, there is no colour to reveal. The other reason lack of removal occurs is due to silicone damage. My blonde hair colour is not too bad, but I don’t like the tone – can I use Colourless™? Just want to say a big thank you for getting rid of my horrible black hair with your amazing product. Can I use Colourless™ to rid this unwanted dark colour and then visit my salon to have my (usual) highlights re-done immediately afterwards? Absolutely. Another problem is that we don’t know if the orange is your own dominant red or an underlying synthetic red from a previous product, as this matters. This product has worked really well, it has removed all of the hair dye from my hair without damaging it. So even if you don’t get the final colour you wanted after using a remover, you don’t have to wait to dye it to your desired colour. Max Effect contains 25% more active ingredients than Max Condition. It's really healthy and shiny so don't want to damage it. I have black hair and have only colored it black twice since I went from platinum blonde to black. You can try to touch up the roots only with permanent dye. I've used Colourless three times now from black and it always looks almost back blonde all over when it's on and still wet but when I wash it off it's still brown! It will also remove any temporary colours. I detect you have an underlying lighter dye that was used before or even several times before the final dye. When I used Colourless, I found that my natural-ish dark tone made my hair turn a very light shade of ginger. Now I can use any other colour. Give your hair frequent conditioning treatments too. This allows the porosity in your hair to normalise and take permanent colour evenly. Stripping colour from your hair can be a costly exercise involving multiple visits to the hairdresser until you achieve the natural shade hidden beneath – and ain’t no one got time for that! We recommend you rest your hair and scalp for a week before highlighting. Your question regarding applying another box of Colourless I am afraid is not the answer as your virgin shade has been removed. Colourless Max Effect Hair Colour Remover (Hair Care): 3.1 out of 5 stars from 162 genuine reviews on Australia's largest opinion site ProductReview.com.au. I have not applied any dye to my hair, this is literally the colour that it went after removing the lotion. To remedy, you need to apply a hair colourant which is the same shade as your (original) natural colour. Because that Ginger colour IS your hair colour. I followed the instructions exactly, but the brown hair colour I was trying to remove is still on the ends of my hair. You will not notice this lightening until you attempt to remove the colour at which point it is exposed. You will need additional applications of Colourless. Remove immediately if irritation occurs. Its preferable you wait at least 72 hours before doing this subsequent application to make sure any reoxidation has completely occurred before your next application of Colourless. I would not dye all of your hair again only the roots. Ok so, for me, this is a slightly different blog to usual because it’s not Makeup related but I do think that this is something my readers would enjoy and be interested in. The colourant you’ve been using will most likely cause cuticle staining that will be the predominant colour that you return - there are other variables that can affect the colour like your hair porosity, the silicone in your hair and build-up from product residue at the tips. This is why it’s always advisable to wash your hair several times with a build up removing shampoo prior to applying Colourless™ to dry hair. Alternatively – try a semi-permanent shade the same depth as your exposed colour – but with ash tone. The amino acid cystine is the permanent straightening agent and keratin is the protein that gives the hair shaft its strength. It's better and not damaging like color oops apparently is. thank you so much for all your love and support over the year, it means so much to me you have no idea. When brown hair is subjected to the peroxide in lightening colourants it too will lighten and reveal a great deal of warmth. The color does NOT return your hair to the natural virgin color it was before you colored it. If after 4 weeks your hair feels in better condition you can upgrade the Level 1 temporary colour to a level 2 or 3 permanent or semi-permanent colour. Colour B4 (1) Colourless (2) Hair Revolution (1) Superdrug (1) promotions. If you do apply a permanent hair colour to dry, porous hair the result may well be darker and more intense than you desired and it could require another colour removal application, so always rest the hair and get that condition back. However, as stated above, all of the views expressed in this post are mine. Colourless is a hair colour removal product, which comes in Pre-Colour, Go Blonde, Max Effect and Max Condition. Now, if you are not really certain then I would suggest trimming off a small sample of your hair and ash semi that sample piece of hair first. The instructions for using Colourless Hair Colour Remover are pretty straightforward: Perhaps the only change I would have made would be to not use half a bottle of shampoo for each lather. It is however possible to remove the protein keratin to encourage an even Colourless removal result. It is much cheaper and easier (and, in my opinion, better for the hair) than going to a salon to get a colour stripped. I personally know that any salon treatment would be at least £150 and 4-6 hours, so this product is a miracle! The Benefits of ColourB4; Removes permanent, semi-permanent hair colour and colour build-up I loved it but obviously red fades..fast. Did you use a permanent dye in your hair or did you just use a washable dye. This is normal, no matter what your natural hair color is. Is it best to dye it my usual brown first, wait a while then go red? Colourless says: You can try the colour remover again, but get color fix instead. What can I do? Colourless has successfully removed the unwanted synthetic pigments from not just the last colour but also from the underlying colours too. You may want to try Colourless™ on the ends only (processing to the full 60 minutes). Firstly, very dark colours may require more than one Colourless™ application as there is a great deal of artificial pigment which needs to be removed. When I dye my hair again in the future and decide I want to take the colour out (it happens a lot) I will definitely use Colourless Hair Colour Remover again. No-bleach hair colour removal. Colourless™ hasn’t bleached your hair, even though you haven’t had highlights in over a year the evidence of them is still present. The problem that arises on white hair is that red shades tend to result in oranges and pinks whereas ash shades tend to result in dull green shades. Thank you Colourless Hair Colour Remover. After using B4 it’s far better to ‘rest’ the hair for at least a week and allow the hair to normalise (as you would do after a perm or straightening). Your hair strands will be incredibly porous after using a color remover, so be sure to rinse well, condition and allow to air dry, if possible. I'm in he U.K. I was blonde but the upkeep was to expensive so I went dark red. That is a lot of soap and suds! Joico Color Intensity Eraser. When I saw Colourless’ post on Instagram I asked if I could review the Max Effect one and, luckily, Colourless contacted me and agreed to send me a box to test. Follow all instructions on the removal kit to remove unwanted dye from your hair. Depending on the texture of the hair, Crosby said she might use a color remover. How is the best way to conduct a strand test. This is good, however, when removing black dye, my hair went bright green! I had been colouring my hair bright red for just over two years and had started to miss my blonde locks. When a permanent hair colour has been overlaid on the hair with multiple applications it can take longer to remove. I used Colourless Max Conditioning use to get rid of some permanant dark blue dye in my hair, results were great and it is the only one i found on the market that allows you to dye your hair again afterwards! You can safely recolour immediately after use.” There is also a picture of a girl on the packaging. Although Colourless contains no harsh chemicals like bleach, peroxide and ammonia, it is however a chemical treatment and you should always rest your hair before the next product application. Rinse for five minutes, dry and check result. Colourless Hair Colour Remover works by first breaking the bonds that hold the colour pigments in your hair, then it shrinks the colour molecules so that they can be rinsed away. There is no reason why there should be any conflict and the cost should be exactly the same as you would pay normally for a highlight service. The more you apply a peroxide based colourant to the hair, the more likely it is your own (natural) colour has been permanently and irreversibly removed. If you wish to apply a new colour application to porous hair, always select a non peroxide semi-permanent product and apply to wet hair, checking the colour’s development every few minutes. Colourless™ has simply revealed this old hair. I don't want to dye black or be too dark brown... what should I do? This method of Colourless™ removal is very weak but ideal for removing unwanted tone in blonde hair. You can safely recolour immediately after use. It is best suited to help remove stubborn build up and dark colours. So dark hair will probably be orange once you remove the color and reveal what the peroxide did. This ultra strong formula removes Black, Reds, Browns and Dark Blondes. We recommend you consult your GP if you have any concerns about your specific Wellbeing, particularly in the early months (first 12 weeks) of pregnancy. The good news is that you can safely use Colourless as many times as you wish within sensible guidelines! If you can’t wait, remember your Hair shaft is open and extremely absorbent, so keep a close eye on your Hair during the process as it may not need to be left on your Hair for as long as normal. //]]>. You suffer from sensitive skin or are prone to allergy, a preliminary patch test is recommended. The result will be a soft version of your natural colour. It’s certainly not the worst thing I’ve ever smelled, but it’s not one of the best either. In severe cases this staining can prove impossible to remove. Although not exclusively the case, this can occur due to product build up on the cuticle or silicone damage from previous products and colourants. I love the colour and I also love the ombre type effect where the lengths have had more colour build up on them. In the box you get your developing lotion, the colour removal lotion, shampoo, gloves & instructions. 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As with all colour or colour removal kits, you might need to opt for two packs for full cover if your hair’s long or thick. After this, if dark staining is still present it may be necessary to grow the colour out. If you would like to use a semi-permanent (peroxide based) colour after using Colourless, firstly condition well and then apply the colourant to damp towel dried hair – this evens porosity and reduces the risk of colour grabbing. Keratin treatments are a great way to remove frizz and smooth the hair cuticle. I would definitely recommend Colourless Hair Colour Remover to anyone who wanted to remove dye from their hair. This is called re-oxidation and this means the artificial colour molecules were not flushed fully from the hair during the removal process and have enlarged and caused the previous colour to return. Before you use the Colourless process it is strongly recommended to achieve the best possible removal that you start with clean dry hair. It is for this reason we do not advise colouring your hair too often. The light shade was at the time hidden by pigments added by the product to give the desired shade you required at that time. In your case medium blondes will most likely produce a medium to dark brown. Wash your hair several times with the build up removing shampoo and then mix up 1 tablespoon of the lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of bicarb in a cup and apply it to your wet hair, comb through and leave for about 5 minutes. One that doesn't use oxidation process to remove the artificial colour pigment. For these we could suggest waiting up to 4 weeks and suggest a strand test. Try a tonal cleansing with Colourless™ Regular. For a deep shade “red black” try Schwarzkopf poly tint colour, for either cherry or ruby red try Extreme ‘N’ Easy by Clairol - both cover 100% grey hair. The correct choice should be to use a product that contains both a base with a tone accordingly to the final result desired. Because of how Colourless works, it is best suited remove to oxidized permanent hair dye. Bleaching can remove some stains – but seek professional expertise if you choose this option. This hair dye remover is tried and tested. Even products which are branded as semi permanent can (on occasion) lighten the hair. My hair has, almost literally, been every colour imaginable so I wasn’t altogether sure what I was expecting underneath the black. REVOLUTIONARY Some famous shampoos contain high levels of silicone which create a barrier on the hair and prevent any other chemical product from working. So the option here to stay safe would be (assuming the hair is in good strong condition) to apply bleach to just the orange tones to lift them up to match the shade of the bright blonde you already have in order that all the hair colour is even, then to tone with a violet base toner. Last video of 2018!!!! ColourB4 is the easy way to remove hair colour at home. I have used Colourless on my hair, how long should I wait before using bleach on it? Also you will need to choose shades lighter than you actually desire as it will go darker than expected. I've had black hair for nearly a year now but I was red before that so I just put black on it as a last resort, but I used Colourless today and I've gone an auburn on top but I'm still black at the ends!

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