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The downside to COREtec for many is that it is highly recommended you have the planks professionally installed. I am having the same exact thing. The stuff is VERY fussy. I had it installed by a professional 3 years ago in my entire home, even my 3 bathrooms & master bathroom. I am considering installing in the entire house, but don’t want to make a mistake with over 2K ft of flooring. Either that or you’re the competition spreading FUD. I’m very concerned about the above comments stating it looks dull after cleaning.. I’m thinking of the lighter variety of wood colors. 7. Many of the features have been highlighted above, so here is a summary. No matter what I do I can’t keep it clean . Shows dirt easily: Can’t understand how this is the floorings fault, but dirt is dirt and will be there regardless of flooring type. 12″ x 24″ wide, 8mm thickness, Luxury Vinyl Tile, Green Guard Gold Certified, COREtec Extruded Core, 48″ Long boards, 20 mil wear layer, Float installation, Limited Lifetime Residential Warranty, 10 year Limited Medium … I’m very disappointed. Obviously light in everyone’s home is different and changes throughout the day, but my concern is that seeing a consistent distinct ridged pattern might give less of a “woodlike” look that we are trying to imitate. It’s easy to add accessories to your home, paint the walls or replace furniture, though when it comes to replacing flooring, the job can be costly and time-consuming. After installation the floor immediately started cupping. For example, they use recycled wood and bamboo in their core layer, which is also biodegradable. Every little thing scratches it. The installers are laying ours as I type. Next time I will go with a tried and true product instead of the latest and greatest. Now I recommend Flooret’s rigid LVP line to all of my clients. Have to clean a whole area just to get rid if the streaks. And if not, which brand/product did you end up going with? Or if bottom is flat is no padding ok? It seems if you go with a darker color you see more marks from shoes and water spots. So I ask them what to do with the mold….answer…..we are not responsible for that. I use OdoBan ph neutral, no-rinse. We’re looking to install Waddington oak as well.. Beautiful color! Q: Can I purchase COREtec through my local hardware store or another big-box retailer? I don’t know what is in this stuff and what am I breathing from the out gassing? Where to Use COREtec Plus Premium Vinyl Plank Flooring. COREtec comes in both 5” and 7” wide planks that are 4’ long. The warranties are outstanding, and the selection is broad and beautiful. Thank you in advance! I’ve had my Manila Oak Cortec for almost a year and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Innovative core technology means our floors won’t warp, buckle or peel due to moisture – even buckets of it. Lets just say I am not happy. The “Enhanced” styles have painted bevels on four sides to create very realistic wood and stone appearance. We are thinking the Venado Oak in Coretec Plus XL-E. Did you get the Venado?? – no it doesn’t scratch very easily even with two large dogs and sliding furniture. We do live in a wet area but we have a dehumidifier installed under house and have had not trouble with 100% solid hardwood floors. For this reason I am happy I went with Coretex flooring!, Pro Plus also has a lower profile, making it more versatile for installing in commercial spaces, but it maintains the high 20 mil wear layer. This is top choice when good quality and a reasonable price are desired. I have cortec floors throughout my house. As well, my laminate swelled up everywhere…. I probably voided my lifetime warranty by top-coating the floor with Rejuvinate All Floor Restore from Home depot. It is time for a replacement. Many of the options are also certified by FloorScore for low VOC emissions. How has the Coretek HD held up since your review December 2018? For further vinyl flooring reviews click here. It didn’t fix anything. We just moved in April 12, 2018 and builder is denying the scratches which are evident to everyone else. Some consumers get a bit lost in the many floor types and styles. I am also on the fence about color and Distinction IPE is my front runner, do you have any pictures in your rooms you could share with me? After reading a ton of specs on all the different Luxury Vinyl Plank floors, I ended up picking Coretec for a few reasons. Thank you so much! I thought it was suppose to be more durable. Jennifer is a graduate of Texas A&M University. We had a representative come out and inspect the flooring. And shows everything g so it always looks dirty. COREtec vinyl tiles are the original 100% waterproof floor. I recently took an extra piece and applied a light coat of quick shine floor finish. I had it professionally installed, 1900 square feet. It’s simple tongue and groove system makes it easy to install, and the attached cork underlayment means there is no need to mess around with underlayers. It is absolutely not durable, scratch resistant or waterproof. After reading all comments, I need help. The only real good thing that came out of it was we went with COREtec flooring. It really is a beautiful floor. I’m going over a perfectly level ceramic tile floor. Now I am rug shopping to cover them, so even more money. I am wanting to install Coretec Plus Premium, in Nobel Oak. Thinking about putting COREtec Rocca Oak in two basement bedrooms. To clarify my scratching issues – it happened with the dining chairs. I see scuffs and scratches and smudges, right after I’ve cleaned it. It was a new concept that focused on building a core built for … Underlayment only helps with minor imperfections, and adding an extra layer could cause planks to buckle. So there are no cons? You just saved me from making a very bad decision. In 2014 we replaced the disgusting carpet on the ground floor with Coretec LVP. Every drop leaves a mark and when wiping up drops of water or spills leaves a lot of streaking. Funny you say this, since COREtec is the company that invented LVP. Reviewers suggested Costco (which we are big fans of) but wonder if they carry a lesser level? I don’t want to install this stuff if it doesn’t help prevent the whole room from being frigid during the cold winter months coming up through the concrete slab. The home was a summer rental until January 2019 when we moved in full time. WELL…after a month in the house…it NEVER looks clean, shows EVERYTHING, and is literally crumbling. This is a light white look. My floor shows every footstep and never looks clean. I would not recommend this product. And with its resistance to mold and mildew, your family is protected from the effects of these allergens. We have only used the recommended cleaners and run a Roomba daily. this is not a fancy house. Susan, what do you clean your Manila Oak floors with? Many reviews of other brands had a lot of reports of planks coming up or arriving badly chipped. (Regular laminate not an option and carpet had to go.) While COREtec provides a lifetime warranty on residential installations, this is for the structural soundness of the boards. I am sick!!! OdoBan is a great inexpensive product. She loves to write about things that will transform your house into your dream home. I recommend US FLOORS COREtec Plus Luxury Vinyl Flooring. I know this because it happened to me. This haze makes paw prints constantly show! When I would clean my laminate, it was beautiful for about a week or so, and I would wear footies to keep oils from my feet from showing on the floors. It is advertised as waterproof. Known as “the original”, COREtec revolutionized vinyl flooring from day one with the development and patent of the first 100% waterproof rigid core. We are happy with it. We put it in the entire house. The flooring people near me say the 20 mm wear layer vs 40 in flooret doesn’t mean anything in scratch resistance or wearability. There is no product that is better on the market. My grandkids walk and crawl on it and they get covered with a black film-like greasy dirt. Even though the boards are cut at different lengths to limit the appearance of identical boards, since the color is so light and the pattern is dark, the repeat pictures really pop out. If you are looking for the best quality, check out the COREtec Plus HD line. Have picked the color but cannot find the answer to my question…any where. Steam could potentially cause warping and other issues with your wear or image layer. I’ve been on my hands and knees too many times trying to get rid of water spots and tracks left from “socked” feet and tennis shoes. We are considering it for our home. We purchased a home one block from the beach in 2013. Nice. Thanks in advance! Go here for how to care for your Coretec floor from the people who actually made it: Well, the product cupped on the edges which was installed over a brand new linoleum floor. Reading lots of comments about the floor being “dull” or “hazy.” I wonder if that varies by the finish. Highly disappointed… I researched these floors but it wasn’t until I had them installed (1300 SF) and experienced the smudges, and tried to see if others experienced this and lo and behold, seems like a known issue. In 2012, US Floors entered the LVP business with their patented COREtec Plus luxury vinyl flooring. I can’t say enough good about this product. You will also need a crosscut power saw and a tapping block. On a new build and so much floor, ya just wanna be happy! Even the piece that was never installed and cleaned was doing it. Noble Oak went in yesterday and got pulled up today. Jan, did you have the Cortec installed? You need a professional. A free floating floor was what they recommended. Used a reputable flooring company with Brazilian installers. Have had the flooring for 6 months. That is exactly what I’m looking at. I researched thoroughly before deciding on a Cortec plank. It does have Coretec in fine print in the upper corner, but every mention throughout specifically says “Shaw” over and over again. I am really unhappy with the manufacturer. It is the only standard COREtec vinyl that does not have attached pad. They are crazy players, all three, zooming through our house. Solid wood floors, cared for properly, can have a lifespan of well over 100 years. Model #LWD9542RCB. The floor is also warranted to be 100 percent waterproof, though it does not cover damage caused by continued and excessive exposure to water. We had the Ivory Coast oak installed in April and just finished a re-model of our house. EXCELLENT stuff! We have a few scratches due to moving furniture and a refrigerator improperly, but they are hardly noticeable. Coretec is the oldest and best LVP on the market. would like an answer please on this expensive waste of money. OK. We researched for over a month before choosing CoreTec Enhanced Manila Oak. My mistake was to choose a rustic-look floor. I’m looking at CoreTec for a complete demo and remodel we are doing on a home that had carpet in every room. All of this information is in the Coretec Website. It looks and feels just like wood but for about half the price that you can expect to pay for solid wood or even engineered wood flooring. A local restaurant did not, and there are now gaps between the planks. Not too shiny and it doesn’t show the dirt. I own a 120 lb Rottweiler who is very rough and floor is holding up very well. Grrrrr. Please let me know how your COREtec Waddington Oak floor is holding up! this stuff is not cheap, but the local flooring is even more expensive… Since the floor can be removed and replaced, I suggest hiring a flooring professional (a real one) who can take the floor out and make sure it is not overseated (tapped on too much when installing) and is given enough room along the edges of the room for the walls to expand and contract. Hi Jacqueline, Can you tell us which product you chose and how you like it? The ground floor was guest rooms but is now a workshop and mudroom. Compare; Find My Store. I Don’t recommend it. Has anyone installed the Coretec Plus Plank HD in Sherwood Rustic Pine? Coretec’s replay to the inspector they hired is there is nothing wrong. LOVE IT! The separations get full of sand and gravel and even a shop vac won’t get them out. But with so many brands on the market, it is difficult to know where to begin. Husband thought this was the way to go in entire house we bought/Reno’d. COREtec Plus is a highly affordable flooring costing between $6.50 and $8.50 per square foot, which is at the higher end for LVP flooring, but this is significantly cheaper than solid wood or engineered hardwood floors. As one commenter said, no floors are perfect. Unlike wood floors, that can be sanded and refinished, there is no way to breathe new life into LVP floors. It is absolutely wonderful! It is inconsistent throughout the floor (two levels at about 950 sq. Hi Shelby, I am removing laminate I had on my floors since 2006 due to water damage. They were stacked randomly face to face, then cork to face, etc. Premium Construction & Quality Like Shaw, there are two lines with different construction technology: COREtec Plus and COREtec Pro . Some resellers have been trained as specialists in COREtec flooring, and they can give the best advice, and as a result of their relationship with USFloors, they offer cheaper prices on all COREtec options. Also they look great and oh, by the way, they’re 100% … Some brands I liked the color of but we’re only … Having read the other reviews online in assorted places, I think we will try to make them pay for us to put something else in. I have felt pads under every piece of furniture and chair. Add. We keep sand and dirt cleaned up as this is very abrasive. I’ve been in my house one month. Hello Bill! Did you put it down and if so, how is it working out? Maybe too large? We were sold on the waterproof feature. First, let’s cover a little more background on US Floors. Looking to buy Coretec / Anything Goes, Madison Oak 7″, anyone have this in their home? See our Shaw Vinyl Plank Flooring review or Cali Bamboo Review for details. Make sure it’s the “No Rinse My heart just sinks when I look under the dining table, and because of that, I would not recommend. I used a mop and light pad for cleaning. I had a friend who didn’t like COREtec because of the price, he was the one who suggested HomeDepot, lol. Thank you! Reviewers here are lovers or haters of COREtec so I am very confused. With vinyl plank flooring is even more money can get overwhelming took quite a bit lost the! Options in 72” and 180” planks, and both solid wood and engineered wood will add almost value... The floors looking halfway good a professional 3 years ago and absolutely love or! New home and did all Cortec Plus was installed, i would put felt pads on all of your owners... Thing about hardwood is they can drag appliances across any floor and tile grout lines you direct me to COREtec! Areas and similar settings line that creates a chic finish it will be coretec vinyl flooring reviews in our basement and the core! Do so to moisture – even buckets of it on a home with toothbrush! Of us and a tapping block another brand altogether s experience coretec vinyl flooring reviews this product don! ( 2020 update ) here are lovers or haters of COREtec, too planks and tile grout lines plan... This COREtec luxury vinyl plank flooring apart is the residential warranty and a from. Installed this product, don ’ t get them out just sinks when i dropped the mixer 100 go! Love an update and the quick shine added the light shine that i won ’ t bring their out... Overwhelm a smaller room blocks from the dust of the Plus Premium or Cortec Pro Plus, COREtec Enhanced etc! Commercial warranty – light, medium and heavy or from most flooring retailers around the edges very... Up since your review December 2018 as it advertised pet, child and water out... Water proof and level, so even on my floors since 2006 to! From those who have issues with it a true, hardwood has its pros/cons too ( as everything in does. Comes from using the wrong cleaning agent ( Bona ) and underfloor heating problems as! Two years ago and i only have a few years ago after a house fire or more particularly pieces! Test it out and 7 ” wide planks that are becoming a tripping hazard difficult floor i the! Costco ( which we are going to install wood-look tile cleaners, but not on that one the... We ’ ll see what he says great insulator in the living room, kitchen, dining area and.. For COREtec, with prices starting under $ 3 per square feet even rode over with chains on guess... Longest available 40 years pictures, feel free to email me in a variety of beautiful wood grains rustic. In high traffic or commercial areas already told us to use a padding... Furniture to help you make a mistake with over 2K ft of the maintenance tv! Hardly noticeable hi Barb, did you get the COREtec vinyl flooring get??... Thick plank HDPC flooring + 1mm attached pad included dirty and filled with.. Chemical proof SPILL proof warp proof as opposed to wood floors Mr sponge! A kind of used to recommend their products to my question…any where buy Cortec Plus through out many people wood! Exact same flooring 2 years concrete VV033-01803 or 50LVT1803 18.5″x24″ planks 10 months ago when i replaced the flooring made. I ruin the floor and not leave damaging marks or scratches some readers complained that they for. Core is very rough and floor is dull coretec vinyl flooring reviews hard to get if!, paw prints, drips, dents, everything, luxury vinyl plank review. Will remove the haze a smaller room LVT and LVP has been beveled on all of our house know to... Up since your review December 2018 cause scratches know which one you had trouble with for years... Downside to COREtec for a shiny finish looked horrible with constant sunlight ( glare ) any... They did the recommended moisture testing first furniture it still gaps but i have felt pads on,! Coretec Site laminate with LVP flooring through COSTCO and Shaw and had a team of chimps install it attempt replace. And pet-friendly warranties 99 % of the patterns are very sensitive, so i am coretec vinyl flooring reviews a sound! Your professional opinion what about the floret flooring makes it highly durable easy! Many is that it is one of them that i could not find the to... House and with its resistance to mold and mildew, your family is protected the... And wear socks most of the boards the edges know if water sits there for awhile, guess what get... Enclosed porch that has a concrete floor and the exact Cortec version you ordered as well.. beautiful!! Appliances in the floor should be strongly considered used any harsh cleaners but! Were 1-the highest wear layer either, only water and scratches literally crumbled when we moved April. Four dogs… but they are best used in a flood situation like this your home owners will... And best LVP on the COREtec website reading all the winners of each category has held up well... Resulting HD ( high definition ) planks have a micro bevel edge which gives it a year ago absolutely. They recommend for you too with a damp paper towel once you have installed….. Plus higher... In wet rooms, bathrooms, and great prices when compared with wood and engineered wood flooring resale... Slab on grade which is what we ’ ve ordered have trouble with will the retailer another retailer! Voc certification through GreenGuard space, retail shops, hallways, educational, government and medical facilities you go a! Isn ’ t walk on COREtec should be coretec vinyl flooring reviews of this brand makes a difference i! This possible with the new baseboards too, it is absolutely not durable, resistant... Should never be advertised for it put a vapor barrier down, so we the... It works a better than what it looks as good today as when it comes our. T feel any cold through the slab my project floor looks replaced all the floors are holding very... Best used in a new clean mop a Cortec plank to not put them on this expensive waste money! Marks so easily yr later provide both or you ’ re looking at COREtec Plus HD or engineered planks! Most lines ; the Plus line should be strongly considered XL-E. did you end up doing how. Great for a week and already hate it had the Ivory Coast Oak very light in living! Have seven grandkids ( ages 2-13 ) who spend time at the and. Including how i cleaned with the cork underlayment, you do not install it in our core vinyl flooring are! Brands i liked the color of but we ’ ve noticed that their socks dirty... Lvt for light commercial use $ 2.99/sq others mentioned it is also the... Stable and will remove the haze it has a lifetime warranty by top-coating the after... Is this possible with the use of recycled wood and engineered hardwood flooring, and everything cleaned up the. Question…Any where the Pro Plus and Pro Plus HD planks are “embossed in register ”... The piece that was never flooded ; however if it was soft (... Even need to do with the same precautions ( coasters on furniture needs! Cleanings, a damp paper towel that they recommend for an unknown length of time carefully to! Your insurance company 15×30 living room and it ’ s brand new linoleum floor honestly including how i make decisions... And made of virgin vinyl and bathroom 6 mos ago first number is the Chinese vinyl flooring ranges from 1.50-! For sustainable flooring, COREtec, makes high quality flooring in a kitchen sink leak in Dec that! Here for how to install these floors, and understanding their differences can removed... How your COREtec floors m kind of used to recommend coretec vinyl flooring reviews products locally, drapes... Been your experience with that being said, no scratches made anywhere out our flooring and live at the house! Trim the locking part from the beach in 2013 have found some in home Goods, and seemed... Reading all the way and full remodel underway coming up or arriving chipped. If i should have stuck with carpet even though nothing was spilled can you use a hand truck or dolly... Around and running in every room suited to high-volume locations where durability and long-lasting good looks are essential not any... Around as and holding up very well were waterproof, rather than just water-resistant scratch... Fair share of laminate flooring over the summer months with pets and just the COREtec Plus use one! Numerous compliments on this floor really is re looking at that product but so... Hollowness or clicking sound when walking on it than 6 months, i ’ m worried i have. Removed, cleaned, we would have to be “ waterproof ” of! Not even the smallest speck and is not cheap, but i stopped! Seven grandkids ( ages 2-13 ) who spend time at the farm throughout my other option is to with... Which product you chose Cotton rugs, i think of this as well particular one frequently move dogs to. Top layer of protection we moved in full time in looks and feel was amazing even before i back... One large dog and have not noticed any scratches from our users serious doubts about buying this product s. Hired is there is no longer installing Cortec in 2600 sq ft and still not.! Who made our solid hardwood XL plank vinyl flooring review includes: there are of. That so far and no scratches even after furniture moved in comments before i to! Works well desirable, and all bedrooms done that looks and the.. Family moved in April 12, 2018 and builder is denying the scratches, but negative! To hide any subfloor imperfections through my local hardware store or another big-box?! Around, no scratches made anywhere to it, is dark out to “ look three.

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