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Access screenshot and... Freemium Nov 2020. KDE is a community of friendly people who create over 200 apps which run on any Linux desktop, and often other platforms too. If you want use Flameshot as a default screenshot utility, chances are you want to launch it using the Prt Sc key. Skitch is a screenshot editing and sharing utility for Mac and iOS that permits the user to add shapes and text to an image, and then share it online. Adobe Reader Once the installer completes and you login to your shiny new KDE desktop, you’ll notice the presence of the following extra KDE specific desktop applications: All great desktop applications, just all KDE and Qt specific. Chrome The list of alternatives was updated Nov 2020. Tutorials for getting things done in Linux. - posted in Linux & Unix: I didnt notice as Ive been using the same installation for a decade or so, but Shutter has been removed (for now) from Debian because of … To change the default file manager in KDE, find the “File Manager” section and click on it. Once the installation completes, boot your Debian system for the first time. Luckily, a method exists to install just a minimal version of KDE in Debian. The best distro if you want to try out KDE Plasma; Supports a high degree of customization; Comes with all the latest bleeding-edge features; KDE is a name that carries a lot of weight in the Linux community so it’s likely that you’ve already heard of Neon. Some window managers tile, some stack, and some float. Capture or record any part of your screen. The command for this: sudo apt -y install ark kate kcalc kde-spectacle okular. On a side note, here’s a little tip that not everyone realizes: if you do not enter a root password, the Debian installer disables the root account for you and automatically adds your newly created user to the sudo group. KDE Plasma 4 is the fourth generation of the KDE workspace environments. Zendesk. This list contains a total of 25+ apps similar to Spectacle. Shutter alternative? Luckily, this is possible. Firefox. $ However, when you attempt to remove the KDE specific desktop applications, Debian will remove the entire KDE desktop environment. Freemium KDE new screenshot program, replaced ksnapshot in current releases You won’t see a fancy graphical login screen, just a simple terminal login: Login into your system from the terminal and run the following command to manually install a minimal version of KDE in Debian: sudo apt -y install kde-plasma-desktop plasma-nm. Filtra per licenza per scoprire solo alternative gratuite o Open Source. Microsoft Office Word Then paste. Added benefit is that you can afterwards actually remove them, without the unwanted side effect of your entire KDE desktop environment being uninstalled. More Info », Auto File Naming Screen recording Screenshot Tools Screenshot Tools List updated: 11/10/2020 1:55:00 PM No big deal, right? $ I expect that Kmail is a great e-mail client, but I personally prefer Thunderbird. Although this may have been a niche problem, the point is now you can do exactly that. $ With other words, you cannot just remove individual KDE software applications. This starts up the Debian installer. $ I hope you found this article an interesting read. The other key difference is that the KCM you open from level 2, doesn't appear at level 3 to indicate it's some sort of parent - but maybe we can find a less invasive way to visually hint that within the current architecture. KDE wants to make it easy to get involved! Once the installation completes, issue a system reboot with command: After the reboot and logging in, Debian presents you with your freshly installed KDE desktop environment: When installing a minimal KDE version like this in Debian, only the following default KDE applications are available: After installing the minimal version of KDE in Debian, you are of course free to still install some of the other KDE specific desktop applications. It looks like this: @@ -14,206 +14,369 @@ under MacOS or Windows. Windows Firefox. Gnome has built-in capability to make a screenshot (package gnome-utils). Let... A full-featured screen capture tool, Intuitive image editor, color picker, color palette, pixel-ruler, protractor, crosshair, whiteboard and more. Microsoft Edge Kmail, Knotes, Korganizer, Kaddressbook, to name just a few. ShareX is a free and open source program that lets you capture or record any area of your screen and share it with a single press of a key. If you’re using Wayland, this would perhaps be the best choice for an Ubuntu screen recorder. The variety of KDE apps using this model model is a testament to how successful it can be with a high-quality maintainer–especially our professional-class apps like Krita. Just remove Kmail and install Thunderbird. AlternativeTo is a free service that helps you find better alternatives to the products you love and hate. comment about Spectacle? When you plan on installing the KDE desktop environment, you typically select KDE Plasma during the Debian installation: This essentially means that package kde-standard gets installed. $ There’s no doubt that the KDE Plasma 5 file manager is powerful and useful. Jira Spectacle is KDE‘s screenshot utility. Web Still, it’s not for everyone. Snip. PortableApps.com This means that if you plan to install the KDE desktop environment in Debian, but you do not want all of the above listed desktop applications, do NOT select KDE Plasma during the installation. Notepad++ Crea istantanee di pagine Web, file e app desktop. Microsoft Edge Read on to learn more details about each of the new goals. This article explains step-by-step how to install such a minimal version of KDE on Debian. Lightshot - easy screenshot tool, is screen capture tool for Windows and Mac platforms, with the added advantage of automatically uploading it online for sharing or... You can use Snipping Tool to capture a screen shot, or snip, of any object on your screen, and then annotate, save, or share the image. It's the ideal choice for anyone who is... Snipaste is a simple but powerful snipping tool, and also allows you to pin the screenshot back onto the screen. Alternative panel Latte Dock got a bugfix release, 0.9.4. Just click the button up to your right! When installing Debian with a minimal KDE in a VirtualBox virtual machine, connect the ISO file to the emulated optical drive instead. The gist of it: the Debian package manager intends to remove the entire KDE desktop environment. The trick is to not select KDE Plasma on the Software selection screen of the Debian installer. There are a few bugs and rough edgs remaining, but we should have them smoothed out in time for the release in a few months. ... Mac VLC the best multimedia player on Linux. Recently, I got this itch to give KDE a try again. If you select the KDE desktop environment, while installing Debian, the installer installs several extra desktop applications. Windows This Linux window manager works with the client-side decoration of Gtk. This is very easy to use for the beginners of … Spectacle, KDE’s screen-capturing software, added usability features and resolved some papercuts. This page is powered by a knowledgeable community that helps you make an informed decision. "Print Screen" key to take a screenshot of the whole screen. Chrome Instead, follow the procedure outlined in the remainder of this article. Major changed include improved notification preview, themes, task manager, and the return of global menu. Adobe Acrobat. Fast upload and share with the Short URL. Software as a Service (SaaS). Filter by license to discover only free or Open Source alternatives. This week we landed a feature you've been waiting a long time for: Annotations in Spectacle! Take Kmail for example. Alternatives to Spectacle for Windows, Mac, Linux, Web, Chrome and more. Opera Free. Chrome It was one of the earliest screen recording tools in Linux to provide support for Wayland.It’s built using GTK3, and like most of the other screen recorders here, it uses FFmpeg in the background. This week in KDE: Annotations in Spectacle. The site is made by Ola and Markus in Sweden, with a lot of help from our friends and colleagues in Italy, Finland, USA, Colombia, Philippines, France and contributors from all over the world. You can find snapshots later using full-text search and... Free Personal Over 100 apps gets released as part of the KDE Applications bundle which has just had its 19.08.3 bugfix releases and includes: Continue with the installer as you normally would, but pause the moment you get to the Software selection page. Effectively we just want to have one entry at level 2 and move everything into level 3 and then the searching still works. Gala usually maintains a highly consistent tool as if follows the design guidelines of the elementary OS.. Here is the complete list. ... Various KDE members are available to help new contributors; you can find them listed on the Mentoring page. KDE Plasma 4 was released as part of KDE Software Compilation 4 and replaced Kicker, KDesktop, and … The KDE Software Compilation (KDE SC) was an umbrella term for the desktop environment plus a range of included applications produced by KDE.From its 1.0 release in July 1998 until the release of version 4.4 in February 2010, the Software Compilation was simply known as KDE, which stood for K Desktop Environment until the rebrand. You can record anything on your screen and capture it into an image, a GIF, and a high... Freemium $ Internet Explorer Windows Safari Spectacle is a nice tool to make screenshot. Web "KDE libraries and applications are available to you, no matter if you are a commercial developer, manager or free software hacker. You are invited to not only just use the toolkit - you can contribute your own solutions and improvements to the KDE community. KDE's software runs on GNU/Linux, BSD and other operating systems, including Windows. They might be used to their Gnome and GTK3 based counterparts. The images can then be printed, sent to other applications for manipulation, or quickly be saved as-is. Internet Explorer KDE Spectacle is good enough for me Takes screenshots, has some options and allows for uploading on several services But it still lacks some parts like an editor or screen capture to gfycat level 1 … Free Personal alternative is plasma-discover that is really bugged. Nicolas Fella implemented it and it will be available in Spectacle 20.12. Make snapshots of web pages, files and desktop apps. The only sane alternative is synaptic. This is a uniformly designed manager and is sleek. Not all KDE users are interested in these extra desktop applications. Customizable. Boot your system from the installation image as you would normally do to install Debian. Long term Linux enthusiast, open source software developer and technical writer. Shift + drag a handler of the selection area: mirror redimension in the opposite handler.. Flameshot doesn't yet offer a fully-automated option to do so, but you can configure your system to … This article presented an alternative solution, where Debian only installs a minimal version of KDE. 1. So definitely not the way to go. However, when attempting to remove them, Debian removes the entire KDE. Use the UP/DOWN keys to scroll through \ Steam Save anything you see online - including text, links and images - into your Evernote account with a single click. It consists of three workspaces, each targeting a certain platform: Plasma Desktop for traditional desktop PCs and notebooks, Plasma Netbook for netbooks, and Plasma Active for tablet PCs and similar devices. The goals were selected by community vote from a dozen proposals, all created by community members. With Snagit’s capture, edit, organize and share technology… it’s easy to create engaging visuals that grab attention and keep it. When you’ve made your way to the “File Manager” section, check the box next to an alternative file manager in place of Dolphin. $ It's possible to update the information on Spectacle or report it as discontinued, duplicated or spam. Linux $ The trick is to not select KDE Plasma on the Software selection screen of the Debian installer. Open Source • kde-plasma-desktop 92 • kde-runtime 16.08.3-2 • kde-runtime-data 16.08.3-2 • kde-spectacle 16.08.3-2 • kde-standard 92 • kde-style-breeze 5.8.5-2 • kde-wallpapers-default 15.04.2-1 • kde-window-manager 5.8.6-1 • kde-workspace-kgreet-plugins 4.11.13-2A~ • kdm 4.11.13-2A~ For that reason not everyone wants these on their Linux system. $ Chrome Konqueror file manager and web browser Kubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal Netbook Edition KDE 4.6.2 Northern Sami.png 1,024 × 600; 650 KB Konqueror-x11-embedded-linux.png 270 × 438; 35 KB Konsole 4.2.2.png 962 × 855; 41 KB Many of them hang out in the #kde-welcome Matrix room. Apr 2018 and the latest update was made in $ The X-KDE-Wayland-Interfaces is no more. As a personal example, I prefer installing the following KDE specific desktop applications: Ark, Kate, Kcalc, Kde-spectacle, and Okular. This list contains a total of 25+ apps similar to Spectacle. "Has keyboard shortcuts" is the primary reason people pick Divvy over the competition. It can capture images of the entire desktop, a single monitor, the currently active window, the window currently under the mouse, or a rectangular region of the screen. Spectacle was added by danielmotaleite in Imagine is an Image & Animation Viewer for Windows with screen capture function. Firefox. Once your newly installed Debian version boots up, manually install the packages kde-plasma-desktop plasma-nm from the terminal and reboot. Alternative a Flamory per Windows, Web, Mac, Android, iPhone e altro ancora. Feel free to ask them any questions you may have! The editor will help you to annotate or blur sensitive info. Windows. Also every screenshot triggered by the gui arrives at spectacle core with delay <= 0 because ksmainwindow waits the delay for the taskmanager animation and animating the button. Add a feature. Filter by license to discover only free or Open Source alternatives. The added benefit of this approach is that you can now actually remove them as well at a later point, without risking the entire KDE desktop environment being uninstalled. Firefox Spectacle is a simple application for capturing desktop screenshots. Capture2Text enables users to quickly OCR a portion of the screen using a keyboard shortcut. Capture Entire Desktop.Capture Current Monitor.Capture Active Window.Capture Rectangular Region.Keyboard shortcuts for taking screenshots. Freemium Within those three different categories are even more subcategories. I figured another way must exist, to install just a minimal version of KDE on Debian. Monosnap allows you to save screenshots easily, conveniently, and quickly, sharing them with friends and colleagues at once. KDE’s maintainer-led projects generally have excellent maintainers. 8. Divvy, bug.n, and HashTWM are probably your best bets out of the 14 options considered. Powerful yet simple to use free and opensource screenshot software for Linux and Windows. It also allows uploading... Free If you are like me and not interested in all of these, you’ll probably attempt to simply remove them manually. On the first day of Akademy 2019, Lydia Pintscher, President of KDE e.V., announced the three new goals we will prioritize over the next 2 years. $ Opera Spectacle. I need to fix this. Once your newly installed Debian version boots up, manually install the packages kde-plasma-desktop plasma-nm from the terminal and reboot. VLC – Well, it is the best open source video player. To install a minimal version of KDE in Debian, it suffices to install from the small network installation ISO. Microsoft Office Powerpoint The ultimate screen capture tool. This week we landed a feature you’ve been waiting a long time for: Annotations in Spectacle! Questo elenco contiene un totale di oltre 25 app simili a Flamory. And in my opinion, KDE’s council of elders projects also have very good leadership today. You now have a minimal version of KDE on your freshly installed Debian system. There are a few bugs and rough edgs remaining, but we should have them smoothed out in time for the release in … KDE Plasma 5.9 is the latest desktop environment to the KDE Plasma 5 series. The KDE Community has spoken! ... Feel free to send us your questions and feedback on hello@alternativeto.net, in our discussion forums, in our Discord channel or tweet us at @AlternativeTo, Made in Sweden, Fueled by great apps, coffee & good music, version: Release-20201202.1, //d2.alternativeto.net/dist/icons/kde-spectacle_147678.png?width=36&height=36&mode=crop&upscale=false, GoFullPage (Formerly Full Page Screen Capture). Not a desirable outcome. Simply press: 1. Nicolas Fella implemented it and it will be available in Spectacle 20.12. The best alternative in my view would be Clementine. That's right, all the lists of alternatives are crowd-sourced, and that's what makes the data powerful and relevant. Windows Installing the KDE desktop environment in Debian, installs a lot of additional KDE specific desktop applications. Chrome, Alternatives to Spectacle for Windows, Mac, Linux, Web, Chrome and more.

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